Kimono and Yukata rental in Shijo in Kyoto / Convenient for sightseeing in Kyoto.”Teramachi Bijin”

Dress Bringing

You do not have to bring anything because we have everything from underwear in every plan.
If you need a hair set, a hairdresser finishes beautiful hair(for kimono+¥1,500, for yukata+¥1,000) You can use hair ornaments freely.
※ All prices are tax inclusive. Various credit cards, UnionPay can be used.

Bringing, dressing plan

If you do not have the opportunity to wear a kimono or yukata of your own, you want to tell us how to dress, etc… We will dress the kimono you brought in.
A Kyoto walk with own kimono is a special feeling!

Price list

Wearing, lowering visits etc¥4,000
Sleeve, color sleeve¥5,000
Furisode (kimono with long, trailing sleeves)¥8,000

What you need for bringing

◆ for kimono ◆
4 clothes, underwear, socks, 4 hips, 2 pairs of Date, 2 pillows, pillow, collar, front plate, 3 to 4 compensating towels, sandals, Corin Belt (if you have)

◆for yukata ◆
Yukata, obi, front plate, underwear, 2 waist strings, Tsutsumi Date, collar shin (if you have) clogs, hair accessories

Dressing of a hakama at the graduation ceremony

Why not attend the graduation ceremony with hakama and make it a precious memory? ※ We do not rent hakama. It is dressing only.

Price list

◆ for Elementary school students, middle school students ◆

Only dressing¥4,000
Hair set¥1,500

◆ for College students ◆

Only dressing¥5,000
Hair set¥1,500


※ Please reserve in advance by phone (075-708-7164).
※ In case of kimono please apply by the day before.
※ Each small item, underwear is also sold at our shop, so it is okay to forget.
※ All prices are tax inclusive.

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